Dear Visitor,

It is very nice, that even though there is so many sites in the internet, that you picked mine.

My name is Ulrich Merz, i am a privat person and my hobby is everything having to do with my computer. You can read more about me on my homepage. I have used the term UMsoft since 1990, for everything i do on my PC.

I have been watching the development of the internet since the beginning. It is great to get all the information of the world in your own home and to keep in touch with people anywhere. I can do things now, that used to only be a dream.

But, everything thats great also has its shadows. A very small amount of users in the net, use their special skills to get data from people and bussinesses, to block communications and distribute illegal data. How can i protect myself? What good are Firewalls, Passwords and Codes these days?

The internet exists, so no country, business or organisation has alone the say, and that i think is very important. We get more and more addicted to the internet. The contact to other people thru E-Mail, thru news forens or for inst. the ICQ, get information from the net or go shopping anywhere 24 hours a day.

There is something else i realy dont like, everyone talks about that the internet needs to be faster and cheaper, so i can visit more sites in less time.But yet, the sites get bigger and bigger. If you saw the beginning of the internet, you will remember, how easy and fast it was to write a page in HTML, and how fast you could load pictures. It had all the info you were looking for. Today there is cookies, java, flash etc., everything gets more complicated. Did i load all the "Plugins"? The internet existed so i can get information from windows world wide.But today, the important thing is, Do i have the right version on my computer? Where is the good old HTML? HTML was easy to understand by anyone, it worked on all systems, was easy to load and had all the information that you needed.

I am interested to see the progress of the internet. Either way, i would never want to be without it.

More information on the "INFO" disc.

Thank you very much for reading this. Greetings from Muehldorf am Inn